Blanchard Grinding

Blanchard grinding is surface grinding. The basic principle, there is a rotating magnetic table, that turns counter clockwise. There is also a large electric motor which is attached to a segmented horizontal grinding wheel, which runs clockwise. The motor and wheel assembly traverse up and down controlled by a handle that moves in increments of 0.001 inches.

With this machine you can grind any surface or material to a required dimension. Including non-magnetic materials such as, Stainless Steel, Monel, Brass, Bronze and other exotic materials can be ground. The Blanchard Grinder that we use can hold a tolerance of 0.001 inch over a 4 feet. This tolerance is ¼ of the thickness of a piece of paper.

One of our specialties is called 6 side grinding. This is a process where we grind top and bottom (thickness), edges (width), and ends (length). The difficult part is holding all sizes square and parallel to 0.002 inches relative to each other.