About Us

Action Precision Grinding Inc. isn't just a name. It also describes who we are, what we do and how we make it happen. Like the word "action" indicates, we are always in motion.

Action has three Blanchard style 42" horizontal grinding machines. This enables us to have each machine set up with a different common set up that suits that machine's strongest characteristics. It allows us to move quickly to jump on almost any order. If it is a production run, we can get started right away with one machine and quickly add the weight of our other grinders to the job along with whatever support equipment is needed. This allows Action to move your product along as fast as possible.

Action Precision Grinding will take the same approach to our Centerless Grinding operation. With over 20 years of experience in the grinding business, we can ensure that your orders with be filled with exceptional quality and standards. We are in the midst of expanding our centerless department to meet our customers' growing needs. Action Precision Grinding has the experience, capacity, and flexibility to get your job done. At Action, we will ensure that your orders are fulfilled with exceptional quality and standards.

Action's advantage is that we still have a hand’s on approach with our customers. Our customers choose Action over the competitors because of our character, quality, on time delivery, and price. In short we are better, faster, and more productive than our competitors.

Here at Action, Christian Morski, president, strives to teach everyone the "Full Team" concept. Form the maintenance and office staff to the machinests. Everything that anyone does at Action, no matter how big or small, effects and allows Action to make the best parts possible. That's where it all starts, in house. It is Action's job to do the very best it can to ensure the highest quality parts as soon as possible. When this is done, it instills a sense of pride and responsibliity of our workers at all levels.